New policy -- The State Council issued the national fitness plan (2021-2025)

Date:2021-07-09 Views:146

The State Council recently issued the national fitness plan (2021-2025) (hereinafter referred to as the plan) to make arrangements for promoting a higher level of national fitness in the coming period and better meeting the fitness and health needs of the people.

The plan proposes to formulate the overall plan for the construction of the National Trail System and the guidance for the construction of sports parks, supervise all localities to formulate a five-year action plan for the construction of fitness facilities, and implement the national fitness facilities project. Revitalize urban idle land, make good use of public welfare construction land, support land supply by leasing, advocate land comprehensive utilization, fully tap the potential of stock construction land, and plan and build accessible sites and facilities close to the community. Build or expand more than 2000 sports parks, national fitness centers, public stadiums and other fitness venues and facilities, supplement more than 5000 township (street) national fitness venues and equipment, build a number of mass skating rinks, and digitally upgrade and transform more than 1000 public stadiums and gymnasiums( Xinhua News Agency)

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